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SilverCoin GameDevelopment is a hobbyist game developer team, which is working on all sorts of computer games, where the main aspect of it is having fun. The initial team formed in the early 1990s when the development was still done on GW-Basic, QBAsic, Power Basic and Turbo Pascal. One of the first games was the “Lord of the seven swords”, which was a round based Hack&Slay-Fantasygame with CGA graphics and done in GW-Basic. With the move to Windows and Visual Basic as development IDE the name changed to SilverSoft. One of the larger projects at that time was a 2D strategy game with a the Star Wars universe setting which could not be completed. Afterwards the name once more changed to the final SilverCoin GameDevelopment under which the first game named “StarHunter” was finished. At that time development moved to DirectX on VB. The follow up project with the working title “AlphaOmega” was started shortly after which however has undergone various redevelopments over the last decades and currently is listed on the website as “Universe: Domination”, an approach to an Online-4X-game.  In the meantime the team also decided to cease its own engine development in favor for the Unreal Engine, so the focus could move back on the actual creation of games.